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Hunting policy


from EUR 23,28

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EUR 2.000.000,- *

EUR 26,38 EUR 71,23
EUR 5.000.000,- * EUR 36,51 EUR 88,73
EUR 10.000.000,- * EUR 40,11    EUR 108,29


EUR 15.000.000,- * EUR 43,33    EUR 116,95
 Sum insured Premium for year Premium for 3-years period

EUR 2.000.000,- *

EUR 23,28 EUR 59,35
EUR 5.000.000,- * EUR 30,39 EUR 77,50
EUR 10.000.000,- * EUR 36,63 EUR 93,40


EUR 15.000.000,- * EUR 38,54    EUR 98,29

* third party liability against personal injury and/ or property damage
(max. sum insuranced in all Euro 2 Mio, Euro 5 Mio, Euro 10 Mio, Euro 15 Mio each and every claim)

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C.A.& W. von der Meden GmbH, Postfach 30 36 87, 20312 Hamburg,
Tel: 040 - 35 75 02 - 0
Fax 040/35 75 02-33

I received and accept the general and specific bad debt-insurance terms.
I also acknowledged the recommendation of the firm for an insurance amount of 15,000,000 Euros.

I read and accept the guidelines in terms of the EU-General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR). I herewith explicitly agree to the storage and usage of my personal data. I am aware of the content of article 7 EU-GDPR. The purpose of the data storage serves the eligible interest in order to fulfill the contract respectively the pre-contractual procedures. Held to account for the data protection is Mr. Patrick Göseke, director of C.A. & W. von der Meden GmbH, Große Bleichen 68, 20354 Hamburg

I read and herewith accept the guidelines in terms of my right to object/withdraw.